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Piano Movers Rochester NY, Piano Moving Professionals

Piano Movers Rochester, NY is one of the

most trusted companies in moving your beloved

piano, or large instrument. We are an affiliate that will be connecting you with the highest level piano moving specialty around! 


We take extreme care in making sure not only your pride possession is transferred  from point A to point B effortlessly, but also that all your concerns are thoroughly lifted.

All moves are properly assessed prior to even putting a finger on the instrument. 


Both the area your instrument is currently in and its new home are carefully protected before the move!

You don't have to put your piano on the scale to know your safest bet on having your baby grand and your back land safely in a new location is to call Piano Movers of Rochester NY to schedule a free quote today.

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How To Schedule Piano Movers In Rochester, NY

Get a Price Quote

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 There are many reasons and scenarios that entail calling a professional piano mover.

From moving house to house, moving from an estate sale, moving to storage, or moving to your recitals stage, down to even just moving it within your home. 

For effortless, safe transport to whichever scenario you're in, scheduling a piano move is as simple as filling out the quote form or calling (585) 601-2515


We'll walk you through a few questions regarding your move and have you penciled in while answering any questions you might have.

piano moving truck driving on the highway.

How To Prepare For Your Piano's Move

Preparing for a professional piano mover to transport your instrument is fairly  simple.

To start, share as many details about your move as possible with us. Info such as what floor the instrument is on, the current location and destination, if there is an easy path of travel to our trucks or not, and the type of piano or instrument you're looking to have our professional piano movers handle.  


Removing all items off of your instrument is a quick second step.

Next, clearing as many of the larger items in the path of the exit is also a great help. 

However don't worry if you need our assistance in moving things like furniture or anything else too large for you to handle, as our professional piano moving staff have no issue lending out a helping hand!

It's also always a great idea to give your instrument a good cleaning before it gets moved to wherever it's new destination is. However, only clean with a damp microfiber rag to get the dust and debris off. Using products like piano polish are known to leave pad imprints behind after a move, so a simple damp rag is more appropriate!

Don't forget to ensure there is room for the professional moving trucks to park while loading the piano, or whichever type of instrument you have in mind to move!

grand piano keys

How To Care For Your Piano After A Move  

There are many boxes that need to be checked following a safe transportation. 

An obvious yet important first box to check on the list is searching for any damage. Looking your piano over for any signs of damage like scratches, dings, gouges, and dents and don't hesitate to call a professional piano technician to more thoroughly inspect your piano if anything is found. A professional piano tech will be able to easily inspect the delicate inner workings of your instrument after a move.

If no damage is found, which there won't be if you call Piano Movers Rochester, NY because all moves conducted by our professionals include carefully  wrapping in piano moving blankets, precise strapping, and disassembly when necessary. 

Then the next proper step is to call a piano tuner, we recommend Burger piano service for a tuner in Rochester, NY. It's a necessary evil to have to tune a piano after a long distance or even a short move. During transportation, different stresses and loads are exerted on the body, causing the strings to be able to stretch and contract differently then in its upright happy position.


Because of this in order for your piano to sound as lovely as it did before the move, a piano tuner is a must. It's also a good idea because, as like anything, the professional piano tuner will be able to give your piano a discount double check on all its delicate parts that may affect its sound.

Perhaps more important than tuning the piano, is allowing ample time to adjust. Even after a local piano move, you should wait a couple days before playing. In doing so, this will allow your instrument to acclimate to the new humidity and temperature ranges that its going to live in. Thus giving you a more consistent and long lasting beautiful sound.

And certainly don't forget to keep your instrument clean!

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Professional in Piano Moving Rochester NY

Piano moving costs are almost impossible to give accurately without sufficient information. 

Important factors like if there are any stairs in the mix of moving your piano, the distance being traveled, the type of piano, and whether or not the piano must be disassembled for transportation all play major roles in calculating a price.


However  giving Piano Movers Rochester NY a call and getting an accurate quote may pleasantly surprise you with how much bang for the buck you're actually going to get. Never disappointing and always going the extra mile to ensure your prized piano is safely delivered!

upright piano that is in need of being moved

Upright Piano Moves

Upright piano moving  has many of its own factors that must be carefully considered while moving its location. Knowing the ins and outs of the piano as far as how they carry  their weight up high is important when moving. Also careful consideration of their fragile legs is key to a successful move, it's much easier than expected to do major damage to an upright piano during a move. Call a trusted piano mover with years of experience and successful moves.

professional piano moving truck

We Are Loyal Rochsterians 

We will refer you to Our professional piano movers. They have been proficiently transporting pianos in the greater Rochester area for many years. The trust is built starting with the first phone call and ending with the final handshake after yet another successful move. We love pianos and their gorgeous sound. But  more importantly we love happy customers in our hometown playing a lovely tune after a move, knowing not one intricate detail being out of place on their magnificent instrument.

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