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Piano Moving Rochester NY Specialists

Piano Movers Rochester NY, confidently understands all the small, and large nuances involved with local piano moves. Our movers come in with clear vision and plans in order to keep both your precious instrument and property as nice as when we came. With the use of special sized piano blankets and proper floor covering our movers never fail to impress! Even for local moves our professional crew if needed will disassemble, transport, and reassemble with ease. Knowing the proper moves is of extreme importance. We have no problems with any type of move you have in mind. Anything from simply moving your instrument within your current home, taking your piano to your recitals stage, bringing it to a storage facility, to moving to a new home with a thousand stairs, piano moving throughout Rochester is sufficiently covered by our professionals. Click Here to schedule a quote today!

How We Ensure No Issues After Any Move

With any and every piano move there will always be a small percent of risk. Any piano moving company that proclaims a 100% guarantee that no damage whatsoever will ever be done during a move, certainly hasn't dealt with some of the more extreme moving conditions like our professionals have. In every move there is risk with how intricate, heavy, and awkward pianos and organs can be to move. However with a professional team that's been there and done that will have a major upper hand. It's also extremely important that when picking a piano mover to inquire about the businesses' insurance. With proper business insurance, it can be said that there will be no issues after any piano move. This is because on the extreme off chance of damage or concern after a move, we have proper insurance and fantastic customer service to cover any issues that may arise. From workman's comp, to commercial automotive, to a comprehensive business policy, there will be no issues left for the customer to worry about. 

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