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  Rochester NY Piano Movers 

We cover the greater Rochester area with all of your piano and organ moving needs. Without a doubt the Rochester area has a plethora of musical related venus, theaters, and schools that we are confident and knowledgeable in moving to and from. Home to home, within home, to storage facilities, to recitals, and anything in-between call an expert today!

Why Choose Us For Your Next Transport

Choosing the correct piano moving company is important when thinking about moving your pianos home.

Our transporting teams customer service boasts friendly, informative, and helpful personalities. Not only do we bring a positive attitude, but we're fully insured and confident with our plans and moves! And we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk, with all our successful moves and happy customers!

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Your Trusted Local Piano Mover!

Our professional movers give it their all every day. Its no doubt we are the experts to call when thinking about piano moving in Rochester NY! Always on time, conscious of all our surroundings, and constantly gleaming a smile, there really isn't a reason not to call and schedule any type of piano move with our team today! Without a doubt we are a giant family at PMR, we also have many trusted partners around New York! We can genuinely say that we highly recommend Reliable Moving Inc. if you are searching for any type of move in and around Niagara Falls Ny!

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